Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Executive Council Issues Endorsements in General Election

(HARRISBURG) The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Executive Council’s officers and vice presidents, representing more than 700,000 working people across the Commonwealth, issued endorsements for Pennsylvania’s general election.  Endorsed candidates must receive a two-thirds supermajority vote of the Council.  The following appellate court and special election candidates received the Council’s support.

The endorsed candidates for 2021’s Appellate Court seats are:

  • Maria McLaughlin for PA Supreme Court Justice;
  • Timika Lane for PA Superior Court Judge;
  • Lori Dumas for Commonwealth Court Judge; and,
  • David Lee Spurgeon for Commonwealth Court Judge.

The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO supports the following judges for retention:

  • John Bender, Superior Court Judge;
  • Mary Jane Bowes, Superior Court Judge;
  • Anne Covey, Commonwealth Court Judge; and,
  • Renee Cohn Jubelirer, Commonwealth Court Judge.

The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Executive Board also endorsed candidates in special elections for the State House of Representatives:

  • Thom Welby for HD 113; and,
  • Gina Curry for HD 164.

State Federation President Rick Bloomingdale and Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder issued the following joint statement on the election endorsements:

“Every year is an election year, and every election matters—courts matter.  In Pennsylvania, working people elect the justices and judges who make decisions that impact everyone. The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO proudly endorses these pro-worker candidates who will protect people’s rights on the job and in the community. This commitment to fair representation is reflected in one of the most diverse slates of endorsed candidates of any organization.  All elections have consequences, and therefore we can never neglect our duty to participate in the democratic process.”