Draft Resolution On Immigration Reform Introduced At PA AFL-CIO Executive Council Meeting

The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO executive council met on Wednesday, February 13, 2013 to discuss a wide range of issues – including comprehensive immigration reform.  A draft resolution framework was presented to the membership at this meeting, which would reaffirm the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO’s commitment to working with allies on this critical issue.  This document will be shared at Central Labor Council meetings across the state over the coming month, to solicit feedback and receive recommendations on how the body will proceed.

You can download a PDF copy of this draft resolution by CLICKING HERE.

<<< DRAFT >>>

[State Federation/CLC/ALF/Union Local] AFL-CIO Resolution Supporting a Road map to Citizenship for Aspiring Americans


Every day, more than 11 million immigrant aspiring citizens contribute to our communities, our economy and our country—yet they are denied a voice in the workplace and essential rights in our society;


A strong and vibrant democracy cannot function unless all men and women, regardless of their skin color or where they were born, can participate meaningfully in the political process with full rights and equal protections;


The union movement recognizes that the way we treat new immigrants reflects our commitment to the values that define us;


Working people are strongest when working together and the union movement is strongest when it is open to all workers, regardless of where they come from;


The creation of a road map to citizenship for immigrant aspiring Americans would improve wages and labor standards for all workers by giving immigrant workers a voice in the workplace and halting employers who take advantage of our failed immigration policies to pursue a race to the bottom;


The dreams of young immigrants to have access to quality education and the hopes of millions of immigrants to reunify their families reflect core American values;


America’s unions remain committed to working together on the side of justice for all, along with our community partners, including civil rights, human rights and immigrant rights organizations, to pass fundamental reform that encompasses these principles;


That the [State Federation/CLC/ALF/Union Local] AFL-CIO, which represents the voices of more than [Number] working families in [State or Region], calls upon Congress to pass common-sense immigration reform that includes a practical and inclusive road map to citizenship and that reflects the principles outlined in the unified union movement’s framework for comprehensive immigration reform, “Immigration for Shared Prosperity: A Framework for Comprehensive Immigration Reform”;


The [State Federation/CLC/ALF/Union Local] AFL-CIO will continue to work with allies to promote comprehensive immigration reform based on the principles outlined in this resolution and will communicate this position to [State]’s congressional delegation.