House Bill To Privatize Wine And Spirits Stores Threatens 5,000 Good Jobs

Representative Mike Turzai has introduced HB 790, designed to dismantle the PA Wine and Spirits stores, and which will put liquor stores on street corners in neighborhoods all across our state.  The bill, if passed, would eliminate 5,000 family-sustaining jobs, and get rid of a reliable revenue stream worth a half a BILLION dollars in profit and tax revenue annually.

Turzai has indicated that the House Liquor Control Committee will take up the bill on March 18th.  Six members of the Committee are signed on as co-sponsors of this legislation (Kampf, Killion, Lawrence, Reese, Regan, and Mustio).  A full house vote is likely to occur either late March or early April.

If you have not already done so, we are urging our members to TAKE ACTION!  Support the workers of the Wine and Spirits stores by contacting your legislator and urging them to oppose any effort to privatize the PLCB. Tell them to modernize, not privatize!