Urgent: Senate Deciding the Fate Of Liquor Privatization

Last week, the Senate Hearings on Wine & Spirits Privatization concluded, with testimony from the Corbett administration, and from UFCW 1776 President Wendell Young IV, among others.  Now, the Senate Republicans in the General Assembly are caucusing to discuss their next move.  It is still wide open whether they will convince enough of their members to support the job-killing House version of the bill, whether compromise legislation will be introduced in the Senate, or whether enough Senate Republicans will support a modernization bill that improves and protects the current system.

These discussions are happening in Harrisburg TODAY!  Take this opportunity to call your Senator’s Capital office, and tell them to reject ANY plan that would dismantle the current system or expand the sale of wine or spirits.


Pennsylvania’s system of State Stores provides its citizens with outstanding selection and prices.  Thanks to the conscientious and professional working men and women of the Wine & Spirits stores, Pennsylvania has the lowest rate of alcohol-related deaths of any state in the Nation.  Furthermore, these stores are a valuable asset, owned by the people of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, which generate hundreds of millions of dollars per year.

Keep in mind that any compromise bill that expands the sale of wine or spirits to grocery stores or other private retailers will do irreparable harm to the current system.  Even if such a bill did not explicitly call for the closing of the State Stores, it would make their closing inevitable.

The Governor and General Assembly should be looking for ways to CREATE JOBS – not continuing to push a misguided and expensive plan that would put even more Pennsylvanian’s out of work!

Call Your Senator Now!  Tell Them to Vote NO! on Privatization!