Senate Law And Justice Committee Advances Job-Killing McIlhinney Plan

This afternoon, the Senate Law and Justice Committee met to take up liquor privatization, moving the bill one step closer to a vote by the full Senate.  The McIlhinney plan, unveiled last week, was voted favorably out of Committee, in spite of the large cost to taxpayers, and the predictable impact this bill will have with relation to increased consumption and alcohol-related crime.

The McIlhinney plan, now known as Senate Bill 100, is a job-killer for Pennsylvania.  The bill as it is written would add 14,000 more retail outlets offering alcohol for off-premises consumption, putting a huge strain on local law enforcement and State Police, while providing no additional resources to help them fulfill their responsibilities.  The competition introduced by big box stores, which could sell alcohol without needing to make a profit from the sale, would put local beer distributors and our State Wine & Spirits Stores out of business.  Meanwhile, most of these large retailers and grocery stores would not need to hire any additional workers to accommodate the sale of alcohol at their outlets.

“It is discouraging that after three public hearings, that included testimony from scores of community groups and professional organizations who oppose the expansion of liquor sales, that the Senate would proceed with this reckless piece of legislation,” said Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President Rick Bloomingdale.  “It seems that the concerns of Pennsylvanians are being drowned out once again by special interests.”

Please E-Mail Your State Senator And Ask Them To Oppose The McIlhinney Plan!

Some of the groups who have come out in opposition to liquor privatization in Pennsylvania include:

  • Pennsylvania Fraternal Order of Police
  • Pennsylvania Police Chiefs Association
  • International Association of Fire Fighters
  • Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)
  • Pennsylvania NAACP
  • Pennsylvania Alliance of Staff Nurses and Allied Professionals
  • Pennsylvania Beer Alliance
  • Malt Beverage Distributors Association
  • Philadelphia City Council
  • Erie City Council
  • United Methodist Advocacy of Pennsylvania
  • Black Clergy of Philadelphia and Vicinity
  • Baptist Pastors and Ministers Conference of Philadelphia and Vicinity
  • Pennsylvania Interfaith Impact Network