PA Wine And Spirits Stores Report Record Profits For The State

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board released a report on August 5th stating that the Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores generated approximately $2.2 billion in revenue in 2012-13, supplying more than $512 million to the Pennsylvania Treasury. Additionally $23.9 million was provided to the Pennsylvania State Police for the enforcement of liquor laws and approximately $2.6 million was allocated to the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs. There was a 24% sales growth increase from 2011-12.

Privatization of the sale of liquor in Pennsylvania has been a top priority on Corbett’s agenda this past year. However, with the record profits that the PLCB brings in for the state, it seems clear that privatizing our system would not be in the best interest of Pennsylvania. In the past five years, the PLCB has provided almost $2.5 billion to the Pennsylvania Treasury, and it will provide billions more in the next five years if it is not sold. These funds are vital as our state continues to recover from the Great Recession. It would be senseless to eliminate this revenue at a time when Pennsylvania needs it most.

In addition to generating billions in revenue, the PLCB is responsible for 5,000 family sustaining jobs. Along with the state’s profit, these jobs would be lost if Governor Corbett is successful in his privatization scheme.

While no privatization bills were passed into law this past legislative session, Corbett and his friends in the General Assembly continue to press for the dismantling of the PLCB.  We must continue to urge our legislators to oppose any bill that privatizes the sale of liquor in Pennsylvania.