Take Action! Wagner’s Liquor Privatization Bill To Be Introduced In PA Senate

blog_liquorDefending our State Wine and Spirits Stores from the privateers has been an ongoing fight for such a long time that it almost risks fading into the background noise of a dysfunctional State Legislature, but what’s happening now is different.

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In 2013, the State House passed a liquor privatization bill that would have sold off this valuable public asset for next to nothing – blowing a huge hole in the State budget and destroying 5,000 good family-sustaining jobs. To their credit, the State Senate refused to take action on this bad idea, in spite of heavy pressure from then-Governor Corbett.

But now, with newcomers like York County’s Scott Wagner and the ouster of Senator Pileggi from leadership, the State Senate seems determined to shed its reputation as the pragmatic and responsible chamber, and is set for the first time to introduce their own bill to dismantle the Wine and Spirits Stores.

Union-busting millionaire Senator Scott Wagner circulated a co-sponsorship memo earlier this year, and we expect his legislation to be introduced in the Senate next week. For the first time, this scheme to destroy jobs will be originating in the Senate.

E-Mail Your Senator and Representative now! Tell them to focus on investment to create good jobs, and reject these ideology-driven attacks that would destroy thousands of good middle class jobs.