Pennsylvania Voter ID

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Joins In Celebrating The 50th Anniversary Of The Voting Rights Act And Calls Bipartisan Support For Election Reforms That Will Make It Easier For Pennsylvanians To Vote

President Bloomingdale joined other representatives of Civil Rights and Election Reform Groups in a press conference at the State Capitol marking the 50th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act and called for changes to make voting easier for Pennsylvania’s citizens. President Bloomingdale described the passage of the Voting Rights Act an historic achievement in civil rights, progress for African Americans, and all voters, however, he joined with the other speakers in stating our work is far from complete. Read More

Corbett Administration Abandons Voter ID Appeal

After more than two years, multiple trials, and a confusing roll-out that ultimately disenfranchised tens of thousands of eligible voters and cost millions of dollars, Pennsylvania’s Voter ID law has been defeated.  In a statement yesterday, the Corbett administration indicated that they would not appeal the Commonwealth Court’s January ruling, which found the law to be unconstitutional on its face. Read More

Commonwealth Court Rules PA Voter ID Law Unconstitutional

After more than 18 months of legal challenges, two trials, and a series of temporary injunctions, the Commonwealth Court today struck down Pennsylvania’s Voter ID law as unconstitutional.  While the Commonwealth may still appeal this ruling to the State Supreme Court, Judge McGinley’s decision is a significant victory for voting rights in Pennsylvania. Read More