Pennsylvania Voter ID

Labor 2013 General Election Recap

Pennsylvanians went to the polls on Tuesday to cast their ballots for local and county officials, and to elect or retain statewide judicial candidates.  Turnout was below 20%, which is not unusual for municipal year elections in Pennsylvania. Central Labor Councils across the State that made endorsements in 2013 were able to take advantage of that low turnout and helped to propel many candidates to victory.  Read More

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Calls On Corbett Administration To Stop Misleading Voters On ID Law

Over the summer, the Commonwealth Court heard arguments during a 12-day trial challenging the constitutionality of Pennsylvania’s Voter ID law.  The law, passed by the legislature and signed by Governor Corbett in the spring of 2012, would prevent legitimate registered voters from casting a ballot if they did not have an approved form of photo identification.  Read More

Commonwealth Court Modifies Preliminary Injunction Against Voter ID Law

While Pennsylvanians still await a ruling from the Commonwealth Court following last month’s 12-day trial, Judge Bernard McGinley issued an order late Friday afternoon modifying the terms of the preliminary injunction that currently blocks the law from being enforced. Attorneys from both sides had already agreed to a third extension of the preliminary injunction that would prohibit the law from being enforced in the November 2013 election, but Judge McGinley’s order stated that the Court was unable to rely on the parties agreeing to further extensions if additional election(s) were to take place before the matter of a permanent injunction is settled.  Read More