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President – Richard W. Bloomingdale

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Secretary-Treasurer – Frank Snyder

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President Bloomingdale’s Labor Day Message

In 1893, Samuel Gompers, the first President of the American Federation of Labor, was asked ‘what does labor want?’. Today, our union movement finds ourselves faced with that same question, albeit more than 125 years later, as eyes across the country turn to see what union members have to say in certain upcoming elections. Read More

Let’s Wrap Up 2018!

This piece was written by Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder As 2018 draws to a close, so does another electoral season. It was literally a year ago, when we introduced our first draft of the most comprehensive union member-to-member (M2M) program in a decade. Read More

Workforce Development Carves Path to Build the Labor Movement

Unions have a rich history of advocacy for greater education and training for workers and their families. Notably, Building Trades unions have a rich history with apprenticeship programs that ensure a union share of the construction market and set the bar for high-quality workforce training and development.  Read More